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Headcorn Airfield - Kent's Skydiving Centre


We are the home of the ONLY full time skydiving centre for London and the South East. Headcorn Airfield is only 1 hour from London by road or rail.

Tandem Skydive

Tandem skydive
Experience the thrill of skydiving from 12,000ft while attached to a highly qualified instructor. Tandem Skydiving is suitable for those who wish to try skydiving without the time constraints of a training course.

Total cost from £200* to £250    *group of 12+


Accelerated Freefall

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is a training program which takes you from your first jump at 12,000ft to becoming a qualified skydiver. You need no previous skydiving experience to undergo AFF training.

Total cost £380 for level 1 / £1455 for all 8 levels


Static Line
Static Line Training
Static line parachuting is a training program that takes you from a first jump at 3500ft to becoming a qualified skydiver. You need no previous skydiving experience to undergo Static Line training.

Total cost £220 for level 1 /£45 per level thereafter


Charity Jumps
Charity Jumps
If you wish to jump for a charity your jump can be FREE TO YOU! Check out the charities page for full details.

Headcorn Airfield is set in the heart of Kent just 45 miles from Central London. Headcorn is easily accessible by road, rail or air! For satnav type in TN27 9HX

Skydive Headcorn offers 3 training courses to introduce first time jumpers to the incredible sport of skydiving - Tandem Skydiving, Static Line Parachuting, and Accelerated Freefall (AFF) training. All our instructors are qualified by the British Parachute Association (BPA).

We welcome customers who wish to raise money for Charity by making a FREE sponsored jump. Charity Tandem Skydiving is the most popular option.

The parachute centre at Headcorn Airfield was founded in 1978, and over 70,000 people have been introduced to the sport here and completed over 500,000 parachute descents! Many of Headcorn's first time jumpers have taken up skydiving as their sport, and some have gone on to compete at national and international level. Our team is made up of several past and present national champions.

Make sure you have your skydive captured on DVD and photographs. AirAffair is based at Headcorn Airfield and they can provide a lasting memory of your skydive.




facebook link www.Headcorn.com is a website jointly funded by Skydive (Headcorn) Ltd, Headcorn Parachute Club Ltd and AirAffair Photography with the aim of promoting the facilities for sport parachuting that are available to the public at Headcorn Airfield. Headcorn Kent TN27 9HX

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